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Whilst we specialize in our own day excursions and holidays, our coaches are available for hire throughout the year.


We are able to provide coaches for any occassion from an afternoon drive to an extended tour. Itineraries can be arranged and venues suggested. We have a wealth of experience and expertise and we would be happy to discuss individual arrangements.


Whatever your choice we can assure you of an enjoyable day in the company of one of our professional drivers who will do everything they can to make your trip run smoothly from beginning to end.


We can provide the following services and will give you as much or as little help as you require with your travel plans.


  • Arrange theatre tickets / admissions to venues

  • Arrange your ferry / tunnel bookings

  • Organise and advise on your itinerary


For a free quotation please call us on 01903 741233.




Bookings are accepted Roadmark Travel Limited (hereinafter called ‘The Company) subject to the following conditions, which you agree to abide by and accept in signing the acceptance form.

  1. All hirers must complete a private hire acceptance form and pay a deposit to secure their booking.

  2. The balance payment must be made 21 days prior to the hire unless stated otherwise on the hire confirmation.

  3. The departure point and time, final destination and departure time, and any en route stops are as agreed at the time of booking. Any additional stops, amendments to times or major changes to routes may be subject to additional charges.

  4. The Company’s driver has sole discretion as to the suitability of road or location to which a vehicle can travel through or enter. No liability can be accepted if a vehicle is unable to complete a journey due to unsuitability of road or location.

  5. The Company cannot be held responsible for delay caused by unforeseen circumstances such as road-works, traffic congestion, interruption to ferry crossings or weather conditions. As a result of any unforeseen delays it may be necessary for the driver to take a break from driving as prescribed by law, prior to arriving at the final destination.

  6. The Company reserve the unconditional right to refuse or terminate a hire or remove individuals in the event of breach of statutory regulations by passengers.

  7. The hirer is responsible for any damage caused by a member of their party to The Company’s property.

  8. The maximum number of passengers that the vehicle is legally allowed can at no time be exceeded.

  9. The Company reserve the right to substitute other vehicles of similar quality, including those of other operators.

  10. All vehicles are strictly non-smoking (this includes the use of electronic cigarettes)

  11. The consumption of food and drink is at the discretion of the driver – hot food is not allowed at any time.

  12. The consumption or carriage of alcohol when travelling to or from to a Designated Sporting Event is strictly prohibited.

  13. Unless previously agreed with The Company, the driver has final discretion as to carriage of passengers’ luggage and its storage. The Company does not accept liability for loss or damage of any property owned by the passenger. All articles of lost property recovered from a vehicle will be held at The Company’s offices in accordance with Public Service Vehicle (Lost Property) Regulations 1995 for a period of 1 month, after which the property may be disposed.  The Company reserves the right to dispose of perishable items immediately.

  14. Where transport, accommodation or other services provided by third parties form part of the hire, The Company acts only as agents of the hirer in making the necessary arrangements. Any terms & conditions or conditions of carriage of third parties shall be binding on the hirer as if he had directly contracted such services.

  15. In the event of destinations outside the UK it is the responsibility of all passengers to ensure that they have the necessary documentation for travel (eg passport, visas) as dictated by individual countries. The Company is not liable for any delays caused by the lack of documentation or for the return travel arrangements in the event of  any person being refused travel or entry to another country.

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